The happy couple’s been planning the wedding for months, and now it’s your mission to organize your best friend’s last night out as a bachelorette. And you want it to be epic, right?

Fear not for Montreal has everything you need from naughty to nice to pamper, delight, tease and feast. So without further ado, here is a list of top twelve must do activities for Montreal Bachelorettes

12. Hot Yoga at Moksha

Type : Healthy                     Time of day: Early

What better way to start your day than with a good sweat atMoksha’s studio on Saint-Laurent street or in Griffintown. Moksha’s one of the most popular yoga studios in Montreal so you’ll want to call ahead to reserve a spot, drink lots of water and eat a bite before you show up. If you don’t have a yoga mat, they’ll be happy to provide one.


11. Get Your Girl On at the Candi Bar

Type: Clubbing               Time of day: Late Evening

A counter made of legos, a menu in the shape of a lollipop and candy dispensers all over the club…

The Candi Bar is Montreal’s number one place for girls to party like it’s 1999 in style. It’s cartoonish décor is both kitsch and trend-setting, the cocktails are over the top, and the music is dope. The dream bachelorette bar in town.

10. Party Bike Picnic

Type: Adventure              Time of Day: Afternoon

It’s not everyday you’d throw those three words together: Party, bike and picnic.

Vélo Festif Montréal offers a unique concept for bachelorettes: party aboard a giant cycle as you dance, pedal and groove to your destination. There’s no better way to show off your snazzy costumes and get your groove on, and then chill out in the park for your first drinks.

09. Get Silly Nilly Vocally

Type: Bar               Time of Day: Evening

After supper and before clubbing, you want to pick a place that allows you to drink, talk, laugh and be silly. Karaoke anyone?

Rent a private room at Pang Pang’s Korean-styled karaoke bar, or at bar K one street over in downtown Montreal. All you’ll need to do on he big night is make sure the girls sing really loud, off beat and off key, while you’re filming everything.

08. Learning While Splurging

Type: Productive          Time of Day: Afternoon

Is the bride-to-be someone who has to constantly be doing thing, making them, organizing them?

If you need to find a productive angle to a day of partying, then why not sign your group up to a dessert-making workshop at the Lincoln Apartment Bakery, a culinary school that gives private hands-on workshops for beginners and experienced bakers alike. Bonus: you’ll have lots of goodies to bring with you!

07. Live the High Life

Type: Classy         Time of Day: Anytime

If you’re not planning to dress up in silly costumes, then maybe you want to consider some of these high-class settings to create the perfect ambiance for your little Princess-in-waiting. The Ritz Carlton offers High Tea, a unique experience, at 3PM in the famous Palm Court, served along with canapés, scones and pastries, for groups of eight or less.

Or you can take in the view of our beautiful city from the rooftop terrace at Hotel Nelligan, one of Montreal’s best-kept secrets. Proper attire is a must.

06. The Day of the Divas

Type: Classy         Time of Day: Anytime

Of course, no bachelorette would be, it seems, complete without a healthy dose of pampering. Head on over to the Bota Bota Spa for some intense rest and relaxation. A massage, even.

The setting is amazing, but don’t stay too long because you’ll want to head out to the Rouge Nail Bar (several locations) after to get your nails done in style with a glass of bubbly in hand.

05. What the Twerk

Type: Healthy   Time of day: Early

Looking for something even more outrageous than penis-shaped lollipops, sexy maid costumes, or phallic piñatas?

Sign up for a pole dancing class at Studio Milan, Pol Fitness or Studio Phénix. It’s a great gift for the bride-to-be, both useful and potentially comical. And as it turns out, pole dancing is very addictive.

04. Champagne Is a Girl’s Best Friend

Type: Restaurant   Time of day: Early Evening

After diamonds that is. The good news is that Montreal boasts a restaurant that has one of the most extensive list of champagnes in all of Quebec.

The Champagnerie is bachelorette friendly, for group reservations of 9 and above, and it’s replete with signature dishes like a lobster foie gras poutine and seafood platters.

03. Bike the Nightlife

Where else can you get a workout, great music, dancing, discovery, food and drink all in one place? Come out for a night on the town on the only giant bike in Montréal as Vélo Festif takes you partying in the streets from bar to bar. Disclaimer: the only legally-approved way to drink and drive.

02. Designer Brunch at Regine’s

Type: Restaurant   Time of day: Early

To start the day, you might want to head over to Regine’s, though beware, you cannot make a reservation and there’s always a line-up. That’s why it’s probably best to invite only the very besties, then show up early.

Why bother you ask? Voted Best of Montreal’s for the longest time ever, this place serves up breakfasts like no other in the cutest setting.

01. Sunglasses at Night

Type: Clubbing   Time of day: Late Evening

Last but definitely not least, your obvious source of nudity is Club 281. Every self-respecting bachelorette seems to make its way there, though if the idea of taking the girls to a strip club bores you, you can always opt for the just-as-wild Cabaret chez Mado with its fabulous drag queens.

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