Beer connoisseurs and afficianados rejoice, for Montreal is one of the greatest places in the World, yes the World, to appreciate fine beer. Canada ranks in the top ten for beer consumption and Quebec produces more than half of the country’s top-rated beers.

You could purchase locally brewed beer in one of many specialized convenience stores around the city, but you’d be better off heading to one of these renowned establishments to get the full pint-sized Montreal brew experience.

15. the Place to Be Seen

Where: Hochelaga   What: Local beer, art exhibits, bands

The Espace Public is located in Montreal’s infamous Hochelaga district and has become one of its most reputable establishments. As its name implies, Espace Public (Public Space) doesn’t go for pretentious or elitist, in spite of the delightfully creative 50+ beers they craft and serve up every year. The staff is friendly, the beer addictive and the setting so comfy you might just move in.

14. Drink Me

Where: Plateau   What: Local beer, food

Located on Saint-Laurent Street, Siboire boasts one of the most epic locations on our list and room for over a hundred customers. Siboire features its own brew and a six-pack sampler smartly named the Six-boire. Siboire means ‘If drinking’. If drinking is your goal, then Siboire is a great place to do just that and you can eat too!

13. The Underground Bar

Where: Mile-End   What: Local beer

Brasserie du Vieux-Montreal is located in the trendy Mile-End district. This tiny bar won’t win any design points unless you like industrial minimalism but locals flock to its spacious terrace during the summer precisely because it’s unpretentious and unlikely to be taken over by swarms of tourists.

12. A Place to Hang Your Coat

Where: Rosemount   What: Beers and other drinks, food, events

The Vestiaire is a great little bar on St-Hubert Avenue that offers a wide selection of beers from Quebec and Belgium. Perfect for when you’re pining for a Delirium Tremens, or eager to discover some of Quebec’s finest beers, from the Yakima and Dominus Vobiscum to the lime and pepper Season.

The Vestiaire imports several hard-to-find Belgian beers, serves up good bar grub and hosts quiz and karaoke nights.

11. Hurry to Harricana

Where: Rosemount   What: Local beer, fancy food

The Brasserie Harricana serves up its own beer in a swanky setting at all hours of the day. All of their beers are numbered, many are rant worthy and best of all, you can sample them all thanks to a sampler menu.

If you haven’t eaten, don’t miss out on their chicken, tartare or veggie burger.

10. A Medley of Simple Pleasures

Where: Rosemount   What: Local beer, beer food, events

The Medley Simple Malt is also located at the St-Hubert Plaza. The bar serves up two dozen of its own beers on tap, as well as designer whiskies, gins and bourbons. The menu, crafted by a local chef, is beer themed. The Medley also has a massive terrace and events every night, from DJs and swing night to improvs and comedy.

09. A Regular Day at the Office

Where: Rosemount   What: Local beer, art exhibits, bands

By the time we get to the top ten, it’s hard to say any one place is better than the next. Succursale’s beers will have you drooling, the comfy food is delicious (Cubanos!!) and the regulars make you feel right at home.

Don’t miss out the triple queen or the Angus IPA.

08. That Other 4-Letter Word

Where: Plateau   What: Local beer, burgers and poutine

Located on Bernard near St-Laurent, HELM is renowned for its excellent locally brewed beers. Don’t be fooled by its ritzy look and upscale clientele, HELM‘s staff and regulars are a lot of fun, the food fingerlicious and the beer is crazy good.

07. Yisst Time for a Beer

Where: Rosemount   What: Beer, Canadian wine and a lot more

Yeast spelled differently, Yisst takes pride in being different than the rest. The beer menu is varied, featuring the top beers from the best brewers in Quebec and a decent menu, as well as home-made fruit juices, cider, spruce beer, kombutcha and much much more.

06. Rustic By Design

Where: Downtown   What: Local beer and finger food

Concrete floors, mismatched tables and chairs, high ceilings, repurposed barrels… Benelux is a definite throwback to the underground joints of the eighties. It’s a great place to congregate, on the enormous terrace or in the spacious bar, to take in one of their delicious beers.

05. The First Microbrewery

Where: Downtown   What: Local beer

The Cheval Blanc is Montreal’s oldest microbrewery, and few suspect it’s also a bar, but you won’t see any of the regulars complaining. This place was around before Quebecers even bought into the whole microbrewery thing, and it still serves up some of its best beers and most audacious creations. A personal favourite.

04. Get Schooled

Where: Rosemount   What: Beer school, local beer and food

The brewing cooperative has one of the best terraces in the city, and it’s the only bar on our list that doubles as a museum of sorts.

There’s no better place to taste the brewing school’s own delicious beers or those brewed by one of their brewing partners: the Succursale, Broue Pub Brouhaha or Isle de Garde. Kids are welcome and the food menu is outstanding.


03. Be Warned All Who Enter

Where: Rosemount   What: Beers, burgers and more

Isle de Garde is often packed, but don’t despair, there’s a lot of room inside and a huge selection of beers to choose from. The food is bar grub done better (Wellington beef pogo), they serve Kombucha gin cocktails and the vibe’s perfect for a quick beer or an evening with friends. And did we mention all the different kinds of beers?

02. Smoke Em If You Got Em

Where: Rosemont   What: Local beer, Smoked food

A schmoke and a beer anyone? This little neighbourhood bar’s been serving up great craft beer (theirs and others) and tender smoked meats (duck, pulled pork, smoked meat…) for ten years unceremoniously. Brouhaha offers decent prices, comfy surroundings and friendly staff make this home away from home a no brainer in the top three.

01. Au paradis de la bière

Where: Little Italy   What: Beer, food and fun

It’s a simple formula – an awesome bar, located in Little Italy, with a lovely terrace. Add 40 of the most original beers crafted by the most talented beer makers in Quebec. And then a dinner menu with finger-licking finger food, and you’ve got a hefty beer tab, a smile plastered from ear to ear and a rave review. Vice versa.

EXTRA! Velo Festif

Where: Rosemont   What: Beer and fun

Of course, there are so many greats bars to discover in Montreal that this list is by no means exhaustive. Why not hop onto Velo Festif’s giant party bike to discover 3 places at once in Rosemont? It’s the ride of your life… you pedal, we offer the beer! Velo Festif.

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Afternoon Picnic Party

Beer and picnic combo! Count on a fun stop at a pre-arranged bar with beer on us during this trip. Next, feel free to bring your own beer for the included snack!

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