Happy hour: after work activities to do in Montreal

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Suggestions

Looking for things to do that aren’t happy hour related? There are numerous after work activities to choose from – let’s looks at the uncommon ones.

Happy hour is a time to unwind after a long day’s work. Usually, you and your co-workers get together for a drink at your local bar, right? But this time you’re feeling a bit more adventurous. Maybe your go-to after work activity needs a bit of a facelift because being indoors during the beautiful summer weather should be avoided as much as possible (heck, that’s why we started our bike business in the first place).

We could write you a top 10 list of bars, but we think you’re more interesting than that. So, we put our heads together and wrote a short list of fun group activities to do in Montreal – happy hour related. Some require more effort, but we promise that once you and your colleagues will be talking about it for days to come.

Drinks and a show at Jardin Gamelin – Show included! Photo retrieved from nightlife.ca

Touted as a great happy hour destination from May to October 15th, Jardin Gamelin is hosting a variety of colourful outdoor activities free for the grand public – including an outdoor restaurant to boot! Upcoming acts include DJ sets, live theatre performances, and band performances. Visit the program schedule on the website link provided for more detail.

Park Picnics

Want a pint and a potlatch? Snacks and Sangrias? Whiskey and the warm sun? Summer doesn’t last long in Montreal, so it’s wise to pack as much fun under the sun. If you’re closer to downtown, consider park Lafontaine -with beautiful ponds, greenery, and seating areas – off Rachel St. and Ave. du Parc Lafontaine. Laurier park has picnic tables and sports fields, and Angrignon park is the only one with BBQ grills set into the ground. Being outside as the day unwinds is nice change of pace.

Ah yes, a beautiful summer day at Parc Lafontaine. Almost makes up for those chilly winters. Photo retrieved from interstude.com

Afterwork BBQs

As an adult, having a friend who owns a BBQ is the equivalent of having a friend who owns a car in high school; it’s essential for your social life. BBQs tend to be a huge success not only because of the sweet smell of smoky food, but because everyone bring their own food, drinks and there is plenty food to go around.  BBQ’ing burgers, hotdogs, steaks, veggies (pulled pork jackfruit, anyone?) are a great excuse for socializing after work. Hold off drinking whiskey and warm drinks for those indoor winters days.

Art exhibitions

It’s not often considered, but visiting a gallery with colleagues can spark some surprisingly inspiring and creative conversations. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, or the Contemporary Art Museum regularly hosts gala nights and artistic programs during the evening, so be sure to check those out.

The team at Vélo Festif getting our Rage on!

After work axe throwing

So, this is a thing. And we love it! Rage: Axe Throwing Centre in Montreal in the Village hosts a “violently good time” by offering hour-long axe throwing sessions for groups. We had the chance to throw some sharp edges in wood wedges, and couldn’t stop raging about them (check out our group photo). As if axe throwing wasn’t fun enough, they sell ice-cold non-alcoholic beer there, too.

Escape rooms

Ever wondered what it would be like to be locked up with your close colleagues? Who would take up the mantle and lead your team to freedom? There are many companies to choose from. EZKAPAZ, A/maze: Montreal Escape Game, and Mystery Room Montreal offer adrenaline-rushing, team building, fun group activities in Montreal for you and your colleagues to try.

Of course, Vélo Festif also offers it’s Brewpub tour for those seeking a fun after work group activity. We are a party bike tour company offering casual, party, and gourmet tours in Montreal. tours in town. For more information or booking inquiries, visit our website at velofestimtl.com