Saturday night

Nightlife on Mont-Royal avenue


49 99 $ / pers. + tx

Montreal is famous for its wild nightlife. Mont-Royal avenue certainly contributes to that reputation, making it a choice destination for those looking for some of the city’s most authentic bars. With such a diversity in bar ambiance, you are sure to find one that matches your taste. Come pedal the night away and bar hop like there is no tomorrow, beer included!

Included: 2 beersDuration: About 1h30

Where to meet

Where to meet


Beer is included on my tour but I don’t like beer.

You can buy any drink you want in the bars, but it is not possible to change what is included in the tour. It is simply offered.

Is alcohol permitted aboard the bike?

No. It is illegal to drink on the streets and roads in Québec. All drinks are served in the bars the different tours will be visiting.


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