Monday, Wednesday and Sunday

Snapping out of confinement


$699 99 / bike (14 people) + tx


There are no festivals this year, but does that mean summer is canceled? It sure isn’t for us! Catch a ride on the Vélo Festif and visit some of the hottest, liveliest, and surprising streets in Montreal. At the end of the ride, hop off for a summer celebration among friends in the Molson Park – safely, fleetingly, memorably. Hurry, summers don’t last forever!

Included: 2 drinksDuration: About 2 hours

Where to meet

Where to meet


Where do I park my car?

You should find a place around easily. However, it would be safer to arrive a little earlier. Of course, we recommend that you come in bike, as a warm-up for your tour. There is also the bus #18 (Beaubien) and #94 (Iberville) just a stone’s throw away.


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